"As Well Well" Juliette Dominati - SEA Foundation (1st May - 2 august 2019 - Residency and exposition - Tilburg) [fr]

Video, text, sculpture, performance

As Well Well, is an immersive art installation project by the interdisciplinary French artist Juliette Dominati.

"As Well Well" de Juliette Dominati en collaboration avec la SEA Foundation - PNG
In her residency at the SEA Foundation, Dominati conducts an artistic research to further her artistic practice. An in-situ installation is presented during the solo exhibition As Well Well.

The installation consists of objects, videos, texts, stories and collaborations collated together from explorations during the residency. This combination of objects, footage, words and meetings are presented in a shelter type wood construction within the exhibition space of SEA Foundation.

The interactions between the actors, the objects and the sheltered construction will be recorded on video.



This project is supported by the Institut français des Pays-Bas

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