COVID-19 - French government measures to assist companies and workers [fr]

In March 2020, the government launched an action plan to support and assist businesses impacted by the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19).

This action plan amounts to 45 bn EUR and is divided into a set of concrete and immediate government measures for companies that would encounter proven difficulties linked to this health crisis in the deployment of their activity in France. The Ministry of Economy and Finance has furthermore created an economic continuity task force to manage the impact on the French economy, through a daily decision-making process. A draft law allowing the implementation of these measures has been presented during the Cabinet Council meeting of March 18th, 2020.

These support measures will be applied on a case-by-case basis according to the situation of each French company and de facto of each French subsidiary of an international company. They may be revised according to the evolution of the epidemic in the coming weeks.

They are of several types:

  • Tax measures;
  • Economic and social measures;
  • Establishment of dedicated contacts and specific sources of information.
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COVID-19 - French government measures to assist companies and workers
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