Call for applications: Descartes fellowships - research internships for PhD students [fr]

The Institut Français des Pays-Bas offers one three-months internship grant for Phd students in the Netherlands who wish to carry out an internship in a research laboratory in France in 2019.


1. The Descartes internships scholarships

The Descartes internships scholarships include:

• Monthly allowance: about 900€/month during 3 months
• Training costs and social security
• Various advantages linked to the status of French government scholarship holder (housing subsidy, student life...)

2. Profile

• PhD student in a Dutch institution and wishing to carry out a research internship in a French research laboratory.
• All nationalities are eligible (except French nationality)
• All disciplines are concerned:
- basic and exact sciences,
- technical disciplines and engineering sciences,
- law, economics, social and human sciences, international trade, management,
- French language and literature, history, art history, etc...

According to the initiative of the President of the French Republic Make our Planet Great Again, applications in a fields related to climate change (agriculture, Big Data, biology, chemistry, environmental law and policy, Water, Ecosystems, energy, environmental risks, health…) are encouraged.

• Level of French: not compulsory, the level will be assessed by the jury according to the research project and the working language of the French laboratory (please specify the language in the application).

3. Submission of applications

Deadline for applications: 30 April at 6 p.m. (Paris time)
The application needs to include (in French or in English):
- application form (DOWNLOAD) :

Word - 648.5 kB
Bourse de stage Descartes - Descartes Internship Scholarship : FORMULAIRE DE CANDIDATURE - APPLICATION FORM
(Word - 648.5 kB)

- a CV
- cover letter
- description of the thesis project and the research project to be carried out during the internship
- copy of the last university degree
- a letter of recommendation from the home laboratory
- letter of support from the host laboratory, which commits to host the student during the internship.

These documents must be sent by post to
Ambassade de France aux Pays-Bas
Affaires universitaires
Anna Paulownastraat 76
2518BJ Den Haag

And by email to

The pre-selected candidates will present their applications to a jury, composed of representatives from the academic world, the French Embassy in the Netherlands, the Institut Français des Pays-Bas and/or companies, on a date to be specified later (mid-May).

4. Terms and Conditions

It is the applicant’s responsibility to take all necessary steps with the research laboratories of the selected universities or higher education institutions. Applicants are strongly advised not to wait for the scholarships to be awarded to contact universities.

The definitive award of the scholarship will be effective only after acceptance of the prizewinner by one of the French laboratories previously chosen.
In order to identify laboratories that can accommodate trainees, candidates are invited to contact Campus France Netherlands (

Descartes excellence scholarships may not be combined with other scholarships awarded by the French government, AUF or Erasmus+ grants.

The Descartes Excellence Scholarships are not a substitute for doctoral contracts. PhD students must reintegrate their Dutch laboratory at the end of their mobility in France.

The selected candidates undertake to:
• Carry out the internship for which they have been awarded the scholarship. The internship has to take place before 31/12/2018.
• Participate, on their return, in certain activities organized around the scholarship program, and in particular in the France Alumni Netherlands network.

For more information, please contact Véronique Vergès at or +31 70 312 58 83

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