Climate change and sea level rise by 2100: How do we deal with it? (20 november 2018, The Hague)


Each year, the French and the German Embassy together with other partners organize an event to bring awareness to the consequences of climate change. This year, following the publication of IPCC experts, the launching of the new Global Commission on Adaptation in the Netherlands and the call of governments to act on the challenges of climate change, the joint event will focus on sea level rise.

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This phenomenon now appears to be one of the major pressures whose magnitude and long-term effects are difficult to anticipate.

Under the heading “Climate change and sea level rise by 2100: How do we deal with it?” our panelists from France, Germany and the Netherlands will share their work and their views followed by an interactive exchange with the audience.

5:50-6:00pm Arrival participants/ registration, coffee/tea
6:00-6:05pm Welcome by the Ambassador of France, Mr. H.E. Philippe LALLIOT
6:05-6:10pm JPEGIntroduction by the moderator Jaap KWADIJK, Scientific Director Deltares, Expert in Climate adaptation for water management - Large scale hydrology - Impact of sea level rise.
6:10-6:20pm JPEGPresentation "Consequences and anticipations of SLR at horizon 2100. The insight of prospective" from Audrey BETHINGER, INRA, Direction for collective scientific assessment, foresight and advanced studies (DEPE)
6:20-6:30pm JPEGPresentation "Coastal protection in the light of climate change - A Lower Saxony perspective" from Andreas WURPTS, Head of Coastal Research Station of the Lower Saxony Water Management, Coastal Protection and Nature Conservation Agency (Niedersächsischer Landesbetrieb für Wasserwirtschaft, Küsten- und Naturschutz - NLWKN)
6:30-6:40pm JPEGPresentation from Hermen BORST, Director of the Delta, Commission.
6:40-6:50pm Questions by Jaap KWADIJK to the panelists
6:50-7:20pm Questions from participants to panelists, moderated by Jaap KWADIJK, DELTARES
7:20-7:25pm Address of the Ambassador of Poland on the COP 24, Mr. H.E. Marcin CZEPELAK
7:25-7:30pm Wrap-up and closure by Minister Ingrid Jung, Embassy of Germany
7:30-8:30pm Cocktail-Networking

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