EU - Joint statement on EU coordination for aviation pricing by the Ministers of Finance (November 7, 2019) [fr]

Joint statement on EU coordination for aviation pricing by the 9 Ministers of Finance (France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Italy and Bulgaria)

Aviation transport connects people worldwide and is important for economic growth. At the same time, aviation has a significant impact on the environment: it causes approximately 2.5% of global CO2-emissions and it causes negative externalities, such as noise and air pollution.

Compared to most other means of transportation, aviation is not sufficiently priced. Aviation transport is exempted from excise duties, no VAT is levied on international flights, there is no coordinated ticket tax and economic instruments to curb greenhouse gas emissions can be strengthened in the aviation sector.
Therefore, CO2-emissions and negative externalities are on average not sufficiently covered in the price of international airplane tickets.

We believe that more coordination on pricing of negative externalities of aviation could ensure that the polluter pays a fairer price for the use of aviation transport. To be effective and create a level playing field, we are convinced that EU coordination on this matter is the most effective for all member states.

We therefore call upon the incoming European Commission to bring the debate on aviation pricing, e.g. in the form of aviation taxation or similar policies a step further, while taking into consideration

- existing effective national systems and policies;
- the competitiveness of the sectors concerned; and
- the geographical position and the development of the transport infrastructure in member states.

We call upon the European Commission to bring forward a proposal for an EU initiative on aviation pricing.

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