Post-doctoral job opportunities in molecular biology at the University of Toulouse

The University of Toulouse, the Center for Integrative Biology and the Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology are looking for several post-doctoral fellows in the area of immunology, microbiology and biophysics.

The University of Toulouse is offering:

-  a post-doctoral position in Molecular Biology of B lymphocytes:

PDF - 129.2 kB
(PDF - 129.2 kB)

-  a post-doctoral position in Quantitative analysis of 4D genome organization and cellular plasticity:

PDF - 105.1 kB
(PDF - 105.1 kB)

-  a post-doctoral position in the team “Immune detection and elimination of pathogens”:

PDF - 68.2 kB
(PDF - 68.2 kB)

The Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology is also recruiting:

-  a Group leader in Tuberculosis and other Bacterial Respiratory Infections.:

PDF - 215.7 kB
(PDF - 215.7 kB)

For more information, please contact Ms. Isabelle SAVES (

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