Residenties at the cité internationale des arts in Paris [fr]

The Cité internationale des arts program is open to foreign creators, identified by the Institut français, Alliances françaises or French and foreign cultural organizations.


3 to 6 months

Conditions of the residency

The Institut français will cover the studio/apartment rental, with a surface area of approximately 40m2, at the Cité internationale des arts located 18, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004, Paris - France. The laureate shall cover any other expense.

Who can apply?

Candidates must :
- have a regular professional activity ;
- speak French or English ;
- provide prooves of previous work ;
- be able to organize their residency on their own ;
- be available (without any profesional obligations) during the residency.

There is no age limit.

Dead line to apply: September 30th 2016

Selection: mid-November 2016


In addition to the evaluation of the applicant’s professional accomplishments, a special attention will be given to the project quality, the necessity to stay in Paris, the candidate’s French and English proficiency, the process of work the candidate has elaborated for his residency in Paris and the capacity to develop collaborations with contacts the candidate has established in France.

All applications will be examined by an advisory committee chaired by the General Director of the Institut français, composed of experts from the Institut français and representatives of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, of the French foreign cultural network, of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, of the National Center for visual arts, of the “Pavillon Neuflize OBC” (artist in residence program of the Palais de Tokyo), of the Cité internationale des arts. The advisory committee can refuse any project without having to justify their decision. Their decision is irrevocable.

How to apply?

The application must be filed on the IFprog platform either by

- the Institut français/Alliance française located in the country of residence of the candidate.


- the French/foreign cultural organizations located in the country of residence of the candidate. Artists are not allowed to apply on their own. The submitter shall mention the reasons motivating his choice and explain how he will highlight the residency of the laureate on his return. He will also have to specify financial engagement and/or the financial engagement of other partners involved in the project.

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