Sponsor a Dutch student in France! [fr]

France holds the 3th rank worldwide in regards to international students enrolment, (behind the United States of America and the U.K.).

France aims to reinforce its attractive influence and set itself as a global meeting point dedicated to the education of young elites, in a very competitive international environment .

Be part of our successful venture and sponsor a Dutch student in France,
An asset for your company.
Strategic, simple, profitable !


Many companies have trusted us !
Danone, Heineken, TomTom, Total, Klm, Accor, Philips, Sodexo…



Department of Scientific and Higher Education cooperation of the French Embassy in the Netherlands,

  • we are dedicated to bilateral cooperation worth actions and sustainable connections between France and the Netherlands;
  • we support in particular worth exchange projects, partnerships and sponsoring profitable for each partner ;
  • we promote and coordinate the grants program Excellence Descartes since 2001 ; over 120 students have already been sponsored by the French embassy in the Netherlands and Private companies;
  • we provide our partners with our expertise for successful businesses and higher education projects strategy development between France and the Netherlands ;

& YOU,

- French company based or not in the Netherlands,

- Dutch company related to a French-Dutch business,

- International company with a business focus on the French speaking and/or cultural market within the Netherlands,

- International company based in the Netherlands and looking for a distinguished asset in matters of Human Resources quality.

…let’s collaborate for a successful business !

What ?

What is our offer about ?

- Business strategy & Human Ressources efficiency management

  • Highlighting talents of tomorrow for you.
  • Possibility of pre-hiring gifted students in strategic fields such as science, languages and cultural proficiencies, both in French related and international professional environments.
  • A relevant network of former granted students, worldwide and in your company.

- Business strategy & Publicity

  • Privileged access to a large range of universities and colleges in the Netherlands.
  • Publicity of the values held by your company to workers newly arriving on the business market, supported by the French Embassy powerful network.

- Business strategy & Company benchmarking

  • Quality approach of your company: business criterion in regards to local social responsibility and intercultural proficiencies.
  • Highlighting brand company publicity within your local environment.

- Companies based in France are eligible for tax incentives.

How much ?

Only one time payment !
We take care of both grant management and technical display procedures on one to one customer relationship with elected student.

How much is it ?

- A collaboration based on cofinancing:

  • 1 grant = 9000 euros for a 10 months study in France

    Journey, Master students

  • 1 half grant = 5000 euros for a 5 months study in France

    Journey, Master students

  • Preference for deals at 100% budget.

More informations

Attaché for University and Scientific Cooperation - Embassy of France in The Netherlands

+31 20 53 19 543

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