Student Visas for non EU-nationals

Non EU-nationals currently studying in the Netherlands and planning to study in France are required to ask for a long-term visa. For non-EU researchers and professors willing to work in France, a "scientist" visa is required. In addition to the necessary documents for the delivery of a student visa, an original of a “protocole d’accueil” issued by the French university or research organisation and stamped by the local authorities (préfecture de département) is required. This also applies to PhD student with a limited duration work contract in France (e.g. allocation de recherche).

The delivery process of a student visa is in two steps. You have first to ask Maison Descartes/Institut français in Amsterdam for a stamped certificate from the scientific and university Department. Once this certificate obtained, you can directly apply for the visa at the French Consulate in Brussels (Belgium).

First step: Institut français des Pays-Bas in Amsterdam

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Please print out and fill in the form and send it back with a curriculum vitae and a copy of the following documents:
- whole passport i.e. all stamped pages;
- resident permit in the Netherlands;
- a proof of registration from the Dutch university or hogeschool where you are studying;
- a proof of acceptance for study from the French university / school, which includes the exact program, the number of study hours per week and the duration of your stay;
- dutch student card and diplomas obtained in the Netherlands or abroad.
- if needed : "protocole d’accueil" issued by the French university or research organisation and stamped by the local authorities ("préfecture de département")

Please send all documents to :
Ambassade de France aux Pays-Bas
Affaires universitaires
Anna Paulownastraat 76
2518BJ The Hague

Please note that this procedure can take several weeks, and that you will be given an appointment.

Questions can be asked by e-mail to:

Second step: French Consulate in Brussels (Belgium)

The second step of the visa procedure takes place at the French Consulate in Brussels. Once you have received the certificate from the Institut Français in Amsterdam, you will need to go to the consulate in Brussels (appointment only) with all the required documents.

You will find a list of the required documents on this page:

Additional information:

To make an appointment, please follow the procedure:

Visa fees:

Address of the Consulate:
42 boulevard du Régent, 1000 Bruxelles
Tel: (+32)2.548.8811

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